The most complete guide to organize your trip to Russia after international sanctions

STEP 0. Restrictions for travel to Russia

Conflict in Ukraine? Covid-19 restrictions? Russian hackers? Russian websites not working? Global blackout? World's End?

The first thing I recommend doing before starting to organize a trip to Russia is to check that there are no travel restrictions.


  • Covid-19: all restrictions by Covid have been removed.
  • Visa to Russia: issued as normal (traditional or electronic). More info.
  • Ukraine conflict: life is completely normal in Russia (Moscow, St. Petersburg and other cities), although it is recommended not to travel to the border areas with Ukraine. More info
  • Payments in Russia: foreign Visa, MasterCard, JCB or American Express cards do not work, so you must carry cash or buy a card when you arrive in Russia. More info
  • Internet: there are restrictions to access some Russian websites (such as so you must use a VPN. More info
  • Flights to Russia: there are no direct flights, but you can travel through third country air connections. More info
  • Accommodation in Russia: Western websites (Booking, Agoda, etc.) do not work in Russia, but you can book on the Russian platform Zenhotels. More info


In this section of the blog I will write articles to explain the restrictions to travel to Russia, as well as security issues to consider when traveling to Russia.