The most complete guide to organize your trip to Russia after international sanctions

3.2. GUIDE TO ST. PETERSBURG, the Russian capital of the north

St Petersburg Peterhof

St. Petersburg is the second Russian capital, the capital of the north, situated along the shore of the Neva Bay in the Gulf of Finland. In this spectacular city you can find a host of palaces, museums, cathedrals and monuments to visit.

So I give you a complete guide to St. Petersburg organized in 10 sections that I’ll keep updating:

SECTION 1. Downtown St. Petersburg: Palace Square and environs
SECTION 2. Sightseeing and guided tours: czarism, communism, White Nights or boat tours
SECTION 3. Museums, palaces and parks: the Hermitage, Peterhof or the Catherine Palace
SECTION 4.  Churches, monasteries and architecture: the Church of Christ the Savior, the Peter and Paul Fortress or the drawbridges
SECTION 5. Entertainment and shows: Mariinsky Theater, Russian folklore or sporting events
SECTION 6. Food and restaurants: Russian salad, Stroganoff or blinis
SECTION 7. Shopping and Russian products: Matryoshkas, Russian hats, vodka or caviar
SECTION 8. Public transport in St. Petersburg: the Metro and the Podorozhnik card
SECTION 9. Tourist information: Tourist offices, apps and maps
SECTION 10. Surroundings of St. Petersburg: Novgorod or Vyborg