The most complete guide to organize your trip to Russia after international sanctions

2. PREPARATIONS for traveling to Russia in 10 steps

Russia travel preparations 2

In this section of the blog I explain how to make preparations for a trip to Russia in 10 steps. All the preparations for travelling to Russia can be made online with a little bit of calm and patience.

I recommend starting preparations for the trip to Russia about 2-3 months in advance to avoid the last minute rush. It is also possible to start planning the trip closer to the time, but I like to do things ahead of time. I guess this depends on each individual.

I have ordered chronologically the preparations to be made for organizing a trip to Russia in 10 steps:

STEP 0. Restrictions for traveling to Russia
STEP 1. Deciding on the itinerary and the time to travel
STEP 2. Flights: Buying airline tickets
STEP 3. Russian trains: Buying train or bus tickets
STEP 4. Booking accommodation in Russia
STEP 5Tickets to museums and palaces and guided tours
STEP 6Tickets to shows: opera, ballet, Russian folklore
STEP 7Rubles and currency exchange
STEP 8SIM card and Internet
STEP 9Packing your bags and maps
STEP 10. Arriving in Russia