STEP 5. Tickets to museums and palaces and guided tours

When planning a sightseeing visit to Moscow and St. Petersburg, to avoid queues in the high season, it’s a good idea to buy tickets online in advance for some museums or palaces such as the Kremlin Armoury in Moscow or Peterhof and the Catherine Palace in St. Petersburg.

Another option is to buy the Moscow CityPass or St.Petersburg CityPass card, which gives access to the most important museums and tourist attractions. To find out whether it is worth buying, it’s best to go to their website and do the calculations based on the tours you have planned.

A final option is to take guided tours of the most important museums and palaces with the tickets included. This way you will avoid the queues.

This section of the blog includes articles on how to buy tickets for the most important museums in Moscow and St. Petersburg, on the CityPass cards for Moscow and St. Petersburg and on the existing guided tour offerings