The most complete guide to organize your trip to Russia after international sanctions

STEP 1. Deciding on the itinerary and the time to travel to Russia

When planning a trip to Russia or any other destination, the first important decision to make is the itinerary to be followed.

To do this you should answer questions such as:

1. When to go? Summer, fall, winter or spring?
2. How long will my trip last? 4 days? 7 days? 10 days? 1 month?
3. What route will I take? Visit Moscow and St. Petersburg?
4. Also visit the Golden Ring of Russia? Do the Trans-Siberian Railway tour?
5. How much is the trip going to cost me?
6. Do I travel on my own or with a travel agency?

In this section of the blog I answer all these questions so that you can choose your ideal route according to your budget and preferences. I also give you details of the holidays and the main celebrations that occur in Russia so that you will know if your trip is going to coincide with any of these celebrations.