The most complete guide to organize your trip to Russia after international sanctions

TRAVEL MEDICAL INSURANCE TO RUSSIA for e-visa and traditional visa

The governments of some countries make travel medical insurance mandatory for foreigners who cross their borders. By doing so, if you have an accident (or die during the trip) your insurance company will be the one to bear the medical or repatriation costs and not the public authorities in the destination country.

One of these countries is Russia. So citizens of countries in the Schengen Area who go to Russia with an electronic visa or with a traditional paper visa are required to have medical insurance, which must meet a set of conditions.

I’ve taken out insurance to travel to Russia with different companies, both for the traditional visa and for the electronic visa. In this section of the blog you will find articles in which I explain the conditions that this insurance must meet and how you can buy it online in 5 minutes in PDF format ready to print.

Following international sanctions, most Western insurance companies do not offer healthcare coverage in Russia. For this reason, it is necessary to use Russian companies such as Attollo Assistance or Cherehapa, that allow you to buy insurance online and pay with foreign bank cards (Visa or MasterCard).