The most complete guide to organize your trip to Russia after international sanctions

1. Russian Visa: Electronic visa, regular visa or visa-free?

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In this section I will keep you informed about the visa policy for traveling to Russia. The Russian visa is an authorization granted to a foreign citizen to enter the territory of the Russian Federation. Currently citizens of 142 countries need a visa to enter Russia.

There are two types of this visa: electronic visa or regular visa. In addition, some nationalities do not need a visa to travel to Russia.

OPTION 1. ELECTRONIC VISA (E-VISA). The electronic visa (e-Visa) is the easiest to get since you can apply for it online. Currently it may be applied for by citizens of 53 countries. You will need travel medical insurance.

OPTION 2. REGULAR VISA. If you don’t meet the requirements to apply for an electronic visa, then you must opt ​​for a regular or traditional visa. It’s a visa you apply for at Russian consulates or visa centers and is attached to your passport. To obtain it, you must have an invitation and travel medical insurance.

OPTION 3. RUSSIA WITHOUT A VISA (VISA-FREE). Finally, it should be noted that citizens of 60 countries, among them the majority of South American and Central American countries, do not need a visa to enter Russia.