The most complete guide to organize your trip to Russia after international sanctions

3. Main tourist DESTINATIONS in Russia

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The vast majority of tourists who travel to Russia visit Moscow and St. Petersburg (and the suburbs of these cities), which account for around 90% of tourist traffic. This percentage also includes all those who visit the Golden Ring of Russia northeast of Moscow.

After these two big cities, other highlights are the Trans-Siberian Railway and the trip to Lake Baikal made by some 3-5% of tourists who go to Russia. The remaining tourist destinations, such as Kamchatka or Altai, are a long distance away. These are attractive destinations but for more adventurous travellers.

So in this blog you’ll find 3 complete guides to the main tourist destinations in Russia:

GUIDE TO MOSCOW, capital of Russia, a city where you can find endless tourist attractions and shows. In the suburbs it’s worthwhile to visit the Golden Ring.

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GUIDE TO ST. PETERSBURG, the second Russian capital, a spectacular city where you can find many palaces, museums, cathedrals and monuments to visit.

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GUIDE TO TRAVELLING ON THE TRANS-SIBERIAN RAILWAY, one of the most exciting tours in the world, which crosses Russia from end to end, but also connects with Mongolia and China.