The most complete guide to organize your trip to Russia after international sanctions

3.1. GUIDE TO MOSCOW, the capital

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Moscow is the capital of Russia and there you’ll find countless tourist attractions and shows. The possibilities are endless and so too is the city, so you have to know how to get around on public transit.

Therefore, I’m providing you with a complete guide to Moscow arranged in 10 sections that I’ll keep updating so that you won’t get lost in the city:

SECTION 1Downtown Moscow: Red Square and environs
SECTION 2Sightseeing and guided tours: czarism, communism, Cold War, perestroika and the present time.
SECTION 3Museums, palaces and parks: the Kremlin, Tretyakov or VDNH
SECTION 4Churches, monasteries and architecture: St.Basil’s, Novodevichy or Stalin’s skyscrapers
SECTION 5Entertainment and shows: Bolshoi Opera, Russian Folklore or sporting events
SECTION 6Food and restaurants: Russian salad, Stroganoff or blinis
SECTION 7Russian shopping and products: Matryoshkas, Russian hats, vodka or caviar
SECTION 8 Public transport in Moscow: the Moscow Metro and the Troika card.
SECTION 9Tourist Information: Tourist offices, apps and maps
SECTION 10Surroundings of Moscow: the Golden Ring or Star City.